"Pontis Capital Management is an Investment Advisor specialising in Bridging Finance"




Traditional banks have, driven by various regulatory changes, and capital requirements, heavily reduced their ability to offer more flexible, bespoke Bridging Finance (regardless of levels of collateral).


On the other hand the demand for short term flexible finance has massively increased, due to structural issues around housing supply and demand (natural population growth due to ageing and net migration to UK ).

In a White Paper (‘Fixing our broken housing market’) the Government set out how it intends to boost housing supply: 


"The consensus is that we need 225,000 to 275,000 or more homes per year to keep up with population growth and start to tackle years of under-supply.” 




The ‘Pure SICAV RAIF S.A. Pontis Bridging Finance Fund’ is an open-ended fund (RAIF) in Luxembourg. The Fund is managed under the oversight of Pure Capital S.A. ('the AIFM', which is regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg). The fund invests in short term lending opportunities (Bridging Finance) secured primarily by UK residential property, with some commercial real estate and ‘mixed use’.


Focus will be on a diversified portfolio of mainly first charge loans and will be spread over a wide range of properties, borrowers and geographic locations.

The fund will only be open to so called “Well-Informed Investors” either directly or through other platforms such as Trusts, Pension Plans or Off-shore Bonds.

Share classes available are GBP, USD, EUR and CHF.


  • Pure Capital S.A.

  • CF Fund Services

  • ING Luxembourg S.A.

  • ATOZ Luxembourg

  • Deloitte Luxembourg

  • Glaisyers Solicitors LLP

  • S&B Consultancy Services Ltd


Pontis Capital Management is the Investment Advisor dedicated to the ‘Pure SICAV RAIF S.A. Pontis Bridging Finance Fund’. Pontis Capital Management will be responsible for the origination, due diligence and management of all the loans.


The fund is based in Luxembourg under the management of Pure Capital SA. The members of Pontis Capial Management have a comprehensive mix of expertise with backgrounds in Investment Banking, Chartered Surveying, Property Valuations, Property Development and direct activities as a Bridging Lender.


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